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Dance Lessons

4 Week Dance Lessons

NOTICE:  If you miss the first class, that's okay, you can still come!
                  No partner required   

Course A:  Beginning Swing (East Coast and Night Club 2-Step)
Starts:  First Tuesday each month
From:  8:00 - 9:00 pm
Location:  DF Dance Studio

 Course Description:

The beginning swing class is guaranteed to get you onto the social dance floor feeling comfortable with some basic variations for East Coast Swing and Night Club 2-Step. This class is for those who have never danced swing, those who have had a little experience dancing, or those who wish to relearn the basics in a way that will build a strong foundation for future learning. This class will give you the techniques you need to know in order to lead and follow effectively. It will also help you learn how to dance to the music while still dancing with your partner. Most of all, you will discover that swing dancing can be much more fun than staying home and watching tv!!

Comfortable Shoes
NO Partner Required!

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are always available for anyone.  We can work to fit your schedule and customize the lessons to meet your needs.

Whether you have an upcoming wedding dance, or just want to improve your dancing skills, private lessons are by far the fastest way to learn.

Normal Privat Lessons are $60 for one hour.  Other prices are available depending on your circumstances.

To set up a Private Lesson, send an email to or call Shane at (801) 842-8575



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